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Sometimes you're so focused on your work, that you suddenly realize that it's time to leave the office, even though you still have lots of things to finish. When you go back to work, it can be annoying to have to open all the documents and websites that you were using before.

CupCloud is an application that can help you organize your work better and pick up right where you left off, without decreasing your productivity. This tool is completely free, and it works by saving, opening, and sharing all the documents and websites that you are using, with just a click.

How does it work? It's really simple. When you need to stop working, you just have to access CupCloud and click 'Cup.' Once you do this, all the folders, files, and websites that you were using are automatically saved in the program. When you need to get back to work, just click 'Upcup' to reopen everything you were working on.

This tool not only saves files and websites that are open on your screen, it also lets you share them with your friends and co-workers.

Google Chrome users have to install the CupCloud plug-in.

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